Spoon Promotions

Enjoy the greatest of our chef’s creation at Spoon.



Wireless Speaker

RM40 per piece

Wireless Handphone Charger

RM35 per piece

Long Stay Package

Enjoy exclusive room rates and perks with a minimum of 14 nights of stay.

Meetings with Confidence

Meetings about the present & future goals come alive with safety protocols in place for a peace of mind & precisely with the perfect...

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes with Fabric Bag

RM48 per bag of 4 ice cubes

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer 5ml

RM8 / bottle

Iftar Ramadan Buffet

Gather with family and friends at Spoon for the Iftar buffet and savour an array of traditional Malay cuisines, including an exciting assortment...

Business Package

Enjoy hassle-free business trip at G with room rates from RM665.