G’s Signature Afternoon Tea

Sip serenity and indulge in a symphony of flavours with a charming afternoon tea experience, where elegance meets culinary delight at G.



Stainless Steel Ice Cubes with Fabric Bag

RM48 per bag of 4 ice cubes

Wedding on The Horizon (ROM)

Nothing else can compare to feeling like you are on top of the world at an intimate rooftop wedding in the heart of Penang, hundreds of feet...

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer 5ml

RM8 / bottle

2PM Promotions

+Confidence Kit

From us to you because your safety matters.

RM5 / set

Funday Buffet Lunch at Spoon

Holiday Delights at G

Experience the magic of the holiday season at SPOON, G Hotel Kelawai.

Delight in a festive Christmas Eve 5-course set dinner, featuring...

G Hotel Festive Goodies Takeaway

Tis the season for feasting! May your days be merry and full of joy as you tuck into classical Christmas delicacies, with a myriad of...