Meetings with Confidence

Meetings about the present & future goals come alive with safety protocols in place for a peace of mind & precisely with the perfect environment.



Host Your Event with G

Get the G experience and entrust all your external events to us, be it big or small! Go hassle-free with our dedicated team of banquet and...

Gravity Promotions

G’s Signature Afternoon Tea

Wireless Speaker

RM40 per piece

Wedding on The Horizon (ROM)

Nothing else can compare to feeling like you are on top of the world at an intimate rooftop wedding in the heart of Penang, hundreds of feet...

Spoon Promotions

Ramadan Buffet Dinner at Spoon

Embark on a culinary adventure at Spoon, where you can indulge in over 15 types of ulam, including budu and cincalok, savour G's signature...

Mix & Match Cake Promotions


Power up your electric vehicle quickly and conveniently in our basement car park at G. Fast charging, user-friendly app, and a commitment to a...